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Where can I hear a “live performance”?

Our musicians play shows throughout the Southern California region in various venues, restaurants and nightclubs. Please contact our planner, Sherri Axe, for future performances. Also, please contact us prior to attending a live show in order to confirm that the evening will be representative of a performance that you are looking to have at your special event. Weddings and Private Parties are closed to the public.

I need to select wedding ceremony music but am not sure what to choose. What do I do?

Please listen to the samples of our musicians playing on each of the sites listed above. These music selections are great options for Prelude, Bridal Party Processional, Bride’s Processional, Unity Candle Lighting, Recessional, and Postlude. You may also choose any of the traditional wedding songs and will have the opportunity of working with our wedding planner to choose the music that is right for your special day.

How long will I need musician(s) for my wedding reception?

We offer packages from 1 to 6 hrs. Your wedding reception (not including the ceremony), might include one hour for the Cocktail Reception, followed by background music for two hours during dinner, and optional hours for dancing. Our wedding planner will help customize the appropriate number of hours (and musicians) according to your specific needs.

Our group is over 150 people. Should we arrange for a microphone?

The musician(s) will travel with all necessary amplification for the wedding ceremony and reception. High ceilings, hardwood floors, outdoor venues and weather, the number of guests, conversation, servers, etc. will affect how music is heard in a room. Our musicians always come prepared with volume controlled amplifiers to use (and adjust) when necessary. We will also provide a microphone available to the bridal party for announcements, toasts, etc.

Our group is only 50 people. Are you going to be too loud so that we can’t enjoy conversation?

Again, the musician(s) perform with a volume controlled amplifier. Our musicians are experienced performers who have played hundreds of events, both boisterous and intimate. We will compensate for the room and crowd size in order to create a comfortable ambiance. If elderly people are in attendance, it is generally a good idea seat them at a table away from where the music will be performed, so that hearing aids don’t pick up “feedback.” Music during cocktail hour and dinner will always be enjoyable and conducive to conversation. If for any reason the music is still too loud, it is always okay to request that the volume be reduced.

Can we choose the music?

The client is welcome to choose exact song selections for the Bridal Party Processional, the Bride’s Processional, the Recessional, and the First Dance, as well as the genre selections for Prelude, Cocktail Hour, Dinner, and Dancing. The client can also leave all the above to the musician(s) and planner.

Do you take breaks?

Generally the musician(s) break for 15 minutes every 1.5 hours and for 30 minutes for a food break if contracted through dinner, however during a wedding there are natural breaks that happen — ie. the transition from the ceremony to the cocktail hour, toasts after dinner, cake cutting, garter toss and bouquet toss — so there is rarely a moment without music. In the event that no one else is speaking on a break, the musician(s) will play their own recorded music through the PA system, or they can play a mixed CD or playlist provided by the client.

What if we want the musician(s) to stay longer than our agreed terms of the contract?

Contracts with Perfect Music for Weddings always state that you can contract your musician(s) on the spot for any additional hours beyond the originally contracted agreement, at a rate to be determined by the number of musicians.

What will the musician(s) wear?

The musician(s) will wear tuxedos, vintage tuxedos, or suits as pictured throughout this website. Specifically, click here. Also be sure to check the attire displayed on the sites listed above.

What if the musician(s) get sick or there is an emergency?

There are multiple subs that will be employed in the event of a life threatening emergency. We will not cancel on you.

What time do you arrive for an event?

The musician(s) will arrive one hour prior to performance time, in order to be completely set-up, ready, and deal with any unforseen issues well in advance of your guests’ arrival.

Are there additional fees involved?

Each event is quoted individually, depending on the length of the event and the number of musicians used. Your quote and fee includes all your consultations with our on-staff planner, the actual services, music preparation, an organized musicians’ timeline for your wedding day, etc. If your event is held where paid parking is the only/best option, a parking/travel fee may apply. If you have arranged for parking vouchers for your guests, please allow three for the wedding band, as well.

Should we set aside a meal for the musician(s)?

A meal is expected, and appreciated, if the musician(s) are hired through dinner. Banquet coordinators and catering companies are used to this service, and are always happy to set something aside an “employee meal” at your request. It is also appreciated if non-alcoholic beverages and/or water are provided to the musician(s).

Do we need to make an appointment to meet with you and/or select music?

We have a Wedding Planner on staff who will meet with you, and/or conduct phone interviews in order to put together a musicians’ timeline, final details, and special requests form approximately one month prior to your wedding.

How long will I need musician(s) for my luncheon / shower?

We offer private party packages ranging from 1-6 hrs. Please contact our Planner for a Pricing Guide.

How quickly should I hire my musician(s)?

The sooner you hire your music the better. Our musicians performed at over 100 events during last year’s wedding season and are currently booking weddings for 2020 and 2021. The best thing to do is contact us and ask about our availability. We require a signed contract and a 50% deposit of the package you choose in order to save the date.
By Phone: Sherri Axe / Perfect Music for Weddings # 323.252.4733

Will you hold my date?

When you are ready, we will draft up a contract with initial details for your special day. The signed contract and a 50% deposit of your package choice is due in order to save the date. The remaining balance is due on the day of your wedding.

Do I get a contract?

We issue a standard musical services contract that includes all of the pertinent information and terms that apply to the performance of your musician(s). If a certain event involves many items that are uniquely specific to that particular performance, then addendums to the contract may also be included. We want our client to be completely at ease with the contract and we want the contract to be as clear, detailed and as to the point as possible. All final details, special requests list and timeline will be worked out between the client and the on-staff planner approximately one month prior to your wedding.
“We loved our wedding musicians! Their playing really made our wedding special. The music was incredible and kept the guests dancing all night long. The band and their management were wonderful to work with, and we will be sure to recommend them to all our friends!”

—Jon & Holly, married June 20, 2004, Middle Ranch, Lake View Terrace, CA

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